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Group of people participating in a fitness class at a gym in Traverse City, Michigan
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fitness center and Personal Training  in Traverse City designed to help you move better and feel  like  your most athletic self

Group of people stretching before their group fitness class at a gym

The Mi Moves Experience

We are a Fitness Center in Traverse City specializing in Personal Training, Functional Movement, and movement patterns to help you perform better in life.


We incorporate fun, innovative, and fluid movements to help you optimally function. Whether your goal is to excel at trail running, skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, or just generally moving better, we got you covered!

 see if mi moves is right for you. your first class is only $10!

We offer a $10 class to first-timers so you can get a feel for our gym and classes. All fitness levels are welcome - just click the button below to select a day and time that works for you.

Man and woman doing functional strength training at a gym in Traverse City, Michigan

why work out at mi moves?

Work out with educated and passionate coaches

Our movement coaches are highly trained in chain reaction biomechanics. Each has completed the Multidimensional Movement Course via Gymnazo. This individualized training and knowledge gives them the understanding that movement is multidimensional, a sequencing of patterns, or a synchronous dissociation of body segments that then create fluidity. At MI Moves we understand how the body works not just in isolation, but in 3 planes of motion (Planes= Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse). This awareness built within our coaches optimizes outcomes for each individual's goals.

a state of the art facility designed to  help you move better

Our facility houses state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment. Our current equipment includes two Keiser machines, Vipr's, Power Blocks, Sleds, Mace, Kettlebells, Barbells/Trap Bar/Squat Rack, Resistance bands, Ropes, Mobility Sticks, True Stretch, and occasional sauna/ice bath pop up on site.

a multilayered ecosystem of training services

We offer group classes, semi-private sessions (1 Coach with 2-4 athletes), 1 on 1 coaching and open gym. To learn more about each service head to our “Memberships” page. 

functional and organic movement training found in everyday life

Our focus and mission at MI Moves is to offer innovative Functional Fitness, and movement workouts designed for everyday athleticism, and to enhance your life through movement. We do so by utilizing 3D Movement Patterns and require that our coaches are Multidimensional Movement Certified.


Top-Notch FacilitY

We offer 1 on 1 coaching, semi-private, and group classes. We do offer open gym, but limited spots are available.



 Fitness, wellness, mobility, therapy, rehabilitation, yes you can find all these things here. I came in looking for relief from a back injury. Their approach, patience, and drive to find the root cause of the pain was great. Even better though, as the pain subsided, was to see the focus shift from repair to prevention. To strengthen the areas that led to the injury, to introduce movements that improved balance, strength, and flexibility in all planes of motion. Now, not only am I pain free, but I'm ready for the next adventure. Anything, any day, physically prepared for life!

-Tim P.

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